Position Details: Database Manager

Location: Baltimore, MD

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TITLE: Database Manager

DURATION: 5 years - Three (3) base year period with one (1) two-year option period

LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

Summary: The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is issuing this CATS+ TORFP on behalf of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA or the “Department”) to obtain resources to provide services and support with the MS SQL Servers and Oracle/UNIX Linux database operations, maintenance, and mission critical business applications throughout MDOT and MTA. In addition, all resources will support other client/server and web base systems, and provide guidance concerning application security, and give continual supportive information concerning best practices in planning, designing, and implementing emerging database management technology solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure servers are current with Database Management Systems (DBMS) patches and security updates.
  • Document, analyze and evaluate the various security procedures in place to provide system and data security for mission-critical business systems as defined by DoIT, MDOT and MTA’s security standards. Provide access to this documentation to authorized personnel only.
  • Maintain security, perform and manage all database security checks and integrity of data access policies, standards and methods by establishing database recovery plans to minimize data losses and system downtime and by developing backup routines for the database management system software and for the stored data.
  • Develop standardized applications security procedures for MDOT and MTA applications and databases.
  • Configure and tweak the hardware and software, perform integration testing, create and restore server images, create and implement plans to rollover the MDOT and MTA’s statewide systems from testing to production.
  • Install and upgrade database servers, provide hardware/software specifications for various related systems within MDOT and MTA’s to provide functional capabilities for the critical systems.
  • Create software and database maintenance plans for efficient upgrades and maintenance. Implement the plan and update it regularly.
  • Coordinate the database management system interfaces with other data processing units.
  • Review and approve/disapprove database designs for new systems.
  • Update all system documentation, including hardware and software versions as well as configuration parameters.
  • Submit weekly report on Friday to the TO Manager of all updates and configurations changes performed to the existing hardware or software platform.
  • Develop and maintain scripts, perform and monitor backups for mission critical servers at MDOT and MTA.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve database connectivity, back up issues working with Vendors/Developers/Users/Project Managers and back up operators.
  • Manage escalations and resolutions such as database connectivity and backup issues with internal MDOT and MTA team members and participating Vendors.
  • Prepare and implement disaster recovery plans for various systems.
  • Create upgrade, migration schedules and plans to minimize the impact on production and mission critical systems.
  • Assist MDOT and MTA Business Side System Administrators on database issues/errors and assist users and programmers with SQL queries and tuning.
  • Research, lab test, document and make recommendations to the TO Manager on a variety of new database related technologies, including cloud related services, that could be implemented at the MDOT and MTA and provide recommendations about the migration and upgrade paths for various systems.
  • Coordinate the installation and implementation of database management system software and related software tools with vendors, other data processing staff and system users.
  • Develop and implement new database management policies, procedures and standards.
  • Hold status meetings with ITG Management on various projects. Provide DBMS expertise whenever required.
  • Attend internal MDOT and MTA staff meetings as requested with network team, project managers, business users, developers and upper management.
  • Create, collaborate, and review, hardware, software, configuration change requests, work breakdown structures, implementation plans, and testing plans for database projects and requirements.
  • Receive and review all Weekly Status Reports from Database Administrators and compile for submission to the TO Manager.
  • Receive and review weekly Quality Assurance/Performance Report from Senior Database Administrators. Prepare for submission to the TO Manager.
  • Lead and support all Database Administrators assigned to the Task Order.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by MDOT and MTA management.
  • Perform the role of the Senior and Junior Database Administrators if warranted.

Required Skills:

  • Have at least twelve (12) years’ experience in the following: including the preferred qualifications listed under the Senior Database Administrator.
  • Experience in performing IT project management activities of project scheduling and leading a project team.
  • Experience with creating, testing, deploying and supporting ETL processes.
  • Experience with change control and SDLC procedures including related documentation.
  • Experience interfacing and communicating with internal and external IT customers and users around project coordination, business requirements, service level agreements, problem resolution and systems down time.
  • Supervisory skills and management experience of leading a team up to seven (7) people.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Required

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