Position Details: Junior Database Administrator

Location: Baltimore, MD

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TITLE: Junior Database Administrator

DURATION: 5 years - Three (3) base year period with one (1) two-year option period

LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

Summary: The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is issuing this CATS+ TORFP on behalf of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA or the “Department”) to obtain resources to provide services and support with the MS SQL Servers and Oracle/UNIX Linux database operations, maintenance, and mission critical business applications throughout MDOT and MTA. In addition, all resources will support other client/server and web base systems, and provide guidance concerning application security, and give continual supportive information concerning best practices in planning, designing, and implementing emerging database management technology solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure servers are current with DBMS patches and security updates.
  • Configure and tweak the hardware and software, perform integration testing, create and restore server images, create and implement plans to rollover the MDOT and MTA’s statewide systems from testing to production.
  • Install and upgrade database server and other related software on the MDOT and MTA’s specified hardware to provide functional capabilities for the critical systems.
  • Assist MDOT and MTA’s business side system administrators on database issues/errors and assist users and programmers with SQL queries and tuning.
  • Conduct routine maintenance tasks on the database servers for proactive monitoring like deleting log files, dump files, error correcting.
  • Troubleshoot problems related to availability of data to system users, space, database software, dataflow, and data storage or data access.
  • Attend internal MDOT and MTA staff meetings as requested with network team, project managers, business users, developers and upper management.
  • Work in cooperation with the current Network Management Systems contractor as well as other contract vendors and MDOT and MTA team members.
  • Create or review Configuration Change Requests, Work Breakdown Structures, Implementation Plans, and Testing Plans for Microsoft SQL Server and Access database projects.
  • Create or provide appropriate input to monthly project status reports.
  • Participate in the creation of or review hardware and software requirements for database systems.
  • Configure a backup job to run on a specified schedule.
  • Restore data files or tables from a previous backup session.
  • Performed other related duties as assigned by MDOT and MTA management.

Required Skills:

  • Have at least three (3) years’ experience in the following:
  • Experience in Database administration with  DBMS platforms including: the management of data, tables, views, indexes, triggers, constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, rules, stored procedures, functions, data types, users, roles, logins, file groups, files, storage, Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL) and other related items.
  • Experience with DBCCs, ODBC, SNAC, Middleware, database and transaction log backups, scheduled jobs, batch programs, scripts, performance, concurrency, security, redundancy and other related items.
  • Experience with different versions of DBMS, analytic and reporting services, mirroring, virtualization and log shipping, replication.
  • Knowledge of and experience with database architecture, design, development and best practices including high availability, disaster recovery, normalization to third normal form, query optimization, logical models, physical models, referential integrity and domain integrity.
  • Experience with third party data base modeling tools (including Visual Studio for Enterprise Architects, Erwin, Visio) and other similar third-party software tools.
  • Experience with specifying, installing, configuring and supporting related hardware platforms including multiprocessor servers, RAID\SAN storage technology and backup solutions.
  • Experience installing, configuring and utilizing server and desktop operating systems.
  • Experience configuring and utilizing Active Directory.
  • Experience with Trapeze software applications that are used by MDOT and MTA to support critical business functions for both fixed route buses and mobility services.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Required

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